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Wedding Food and Drink Pairing - Our Top Tips!

You’ve decided roughly how much alcohol you might need for your wedding, you then have the conundrum of which types of drinks go with different types of food. 

Traditional foodies and wine enthusiasts will have you believe that you are a charlatan if you drink red wine with fish or white wine with red meat, but on the biggest day of your life, the key thing is that YOU are happy with your choices. These days, you are just as likely to be quaffing a craft beer with your meal, so it is pretty much anything goes. However, erring on the side of the traditional, we would recommend the following: 

Beef - Traditionally, if you are serving a beef dish at a wedding breakfast, you might want to accompany it with a rounded red Burgundy or a Cabernet wine, preferably not too heavy.  You could also choose an unassuming Malbec. 

Fish - It is true that white wine is complementary to fish dishes and a dish such as sea bass would require something crisp, like a Chablis or Sancerre. However, if an oilier fish is on the menu, such as salmon, try a drier wine, such as a Chenin Blanc. 

Chicken / Pork - A crisp Chardonnay would work well with either of these meats, however you could also go for a balanced IPA on the craft beer front.  If, however a tomato-based sauce is being served, you could consider a fruity Rioja instead. 

Lamb - A rich Rioja, or a complementary Malbec would work very well.Vegetarian / Buffet - Depending on what is being served, you could have any number of choices here, it’s all down to what you like! If you’re having a cold buffet, a Reisling would work very well with quiches and salads. 

Tradition is a wonderful thing, however it’s your big day and most of your guests probably won’t be too bothered about which type of wine you serve.  The craft beer option is always an interesting one and of course, you also have the option of a sweet or dry Rosé and whether to have a dessert wine. Your venue, caterer or bar supplier should be on hand to help you choose. 

Make sure you pick something that you know your nearest and dearest will enjoy and above everything else, stop worrying about the wine and enjoy the day! 

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