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Time for tea and crazy for coffee

Regular readers of our blog will know that we recently unveiled a radical new idea: event bars for children, with free soft drinks for kids who are under the age of 15. We had some fabulous feedback on that from our customers and it got us thinking about how we supply hot drinks at events and also how we can make Neptune Bar Hire Co. even more appealing as a mobile bar provider of choice.

Now, we know from experience that at a wedding, by the time the food has disappeared and the guests have listened to many (sometimes too many) speeches, most people present will fancy a beverage that’s not bubbly, flavoured or cold, particularly in the winter months. It’s tradition to serve coffee and tea with mints at the end of the wedding breakfast (or buffet, or dinner, or hog roast, or pizza party … anything goes, these days) and whilst there will always be those who would rather sup another ale or pop another cork, hot drinks can renew the energy of the guests and sober them up a bit for any further festivities to come.

Free tea, coffee and mints

Traditionally, Neptune Bars have always charged for teas and coffees, usually at £2.50 per head for an unlimited supply of caffeinated nectar (and those lovely little mints – an integral part of any post-prandial affair). We’ve decided that, in the spirit of our ethos of exceptional customer service, future wedding bookings will benefit from free of charge tea, coffee and mints.

The small print

You don’t have to tell us, we know we’re on a roll this year! However, there are a couple of caveats to this amazing offer.

  • Free tea, coffee and mints will be only be offered where a full price drinks package is purchased at the time of booking (we’re so reasonably priced, this is a bit of a steal for our customers). If you are purchasing a discounted or promotional package, then the £2.50 per head will still apply (but this is still a very reasonable charge for unlimited hot drinks).
  • Because we’re literally giving it away, we are putting a minimum number of guests in place for this offering. So, as long as you have 80 guests or more (let’s face it, with the pressure on the happy couple to invite great Aunt Ethel, her five kids and their off-spring, 80 is not a difficult number to reach), you and your guests will be fully revived and re-caffeinated, ready to face the rest of the day, for free!

All joking aside, as experienced wedding and event bar providers, we are very aware that wedding costs can mount up very quickly. If you invited 100 guests to share in your celebrations, you would be saving £250 on your after-dinner hot drinks. That’s not a small amount of money which you’ll be able to use for something else.

We hope that future brides and grooms will find this an innovative and helpful addition to the Neptune Bar Hire Co.’s offering – we think that it will make your life easier and you will be saving some cash in the process.

Email Mat on for more information, to book a bar, or just to say ‘hello’.

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