Preparing the perfect Pimm’s

There are many things that we love about summer; the ‘thwack’ of a leather ball on a cricket bat, the long, lazy weekends of sitting in the garden, the smell of sun cream, the BBQs and spending time with those we love.  Perhaps most of all, we love the tennis – the French Open, Queens, and of course, Wimbledon.  The first Pimm’s bar opened at the home of strawberries and cream in 1971, and it is estimated that a staggering 80,000+ pints of Pimm’s cocktail are served to thirsty tennis lovers every year

Alas, this year has been very different. Although we have been lucky with some stunning weather, sports and family contact have been sadly lacking.  However, summer isn’t over, and it feels like it’s time to break out the Pimm’s to help us along the way to getting back to ‘normal’.

Making the perfect Pimm’s cocktail is not as easy as you might think, but as usual, we are here to help!

  1. Choose your variety: there have been six types of Pimm’s produced over the years - with seasonal variations - but now only three remain regularly on the shelves: Pimm’s Winter Cup is infused with spices and orange peel and you may struggle to find it in the shops in the summer. No.6 Vodka Cup is known for being the jetsetter of the Pimm’s family – exclusive is its middle name. Last but not least is the popular No.1 Cup - based on gin, it's base as bottled is 25 percent alcohol by volume.
  2. Match with the perfect fruit: we’re not going to go all superior on this one, as personal preference will dictate what should be included in the perfect Pimm’s Cocktail.  Suffice to say, a Pimm’s isn’t Pimm’s without mint, orange, cucumber and strawberries. Don’t cut the fruit or mint too small – you will inhale it. Don’t forget the ice!
  3. Fill with fizz: the popular way to complete your Pimm’s is to add clear lemonade; for best results, use one-part Pimm’s to three-parts lemonade. Of course, our favourite way to enjoy Pimm’s is to mix with champagne or sparkling white wine - known as a ‘Pimm’s Royal Cup’.

Top Tip
If using lemonade, add it to the jug FIRST … then you won’t get all of the horrible foam that you would normally see. There you have it - the perfect summer drink.  Chin chin!

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