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Neptune Bars' Top 4 Drinks for a Merry Christmas

Well, as we edge towards the end of this most strange of years, we can’t deny that we are looking forward to Christmas with almost childlike enthusiasm. At Neptune Towers we have already started decking the halls, purely to cheer ourselves up, as the nights draw in and the pandemic situation grinds on. We thought it might be amusing (and hopefully useful) to share with you our ‘Top 4 Drinks for a Merry Christmas’ countdown!

Why a Top 4? Well, much like a good glass of quality bubbles, we thought three was too few and five would be too many.  Besides, we wanted to choose some drinks that had some glamour, to chase the COVID blues away, rather than go for the same old thing as every other year. Without further ado, here they are … and remember that for Christmas this year, you might be forgiven for going a bit overboard on the garnishes and the glitz!

The Top 4

In fourth place we have the stalwart, the Christmas standard, Mulled Wine. Yes, we know that it’s a firm favourite, especially when you make it yourself, but this year has been so rubbish that we feel poor old Mulled Wine is just a bit … boring? Having said that, we didn’t feel that we could leave it off of the list because it just screams ‘Christmas’.

Coming in at number three is the delightful Cranberry Gin Fizz; not only does it look Christmassy, but it tastes refreshing and festive!  Try the Hendricks recipe -

If you are a fan of all drinks rum-based, then you’re in for a treat with number two! The ‘Driven Snow’ cocktail is a tried and trusted Christmas favourite – don’t be put off by the fact that it looks like milk (and do keep it out of reach of the kids!). Our favourite recipe is an American one, you can find it here - 

Do make sure that you try and serve this with the Gingerbread, or you could follow our lead and buy some iced Lebkuchen hearts or stars from your local supermarket … heavenly!

Number 1
Can we have a fanfare, please? Our top spot for the Christmas drink of 2020 goes to …

...The Christmas Kir Royale!
A Kir Royale would normally be made with Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant) and champagne. However, for a festive twist, we like using cranberry or damson syrup – you can find out how to make this if you consult our good friend, Google (or you can cheat and buy it from Lakeland). Don’t forget to add cranberries, pomegranate seeds, or even a slice of spiced plum to jazz it up a bit!

From all of us here at Neptune Bars, whatever you’re drinking this Christmas, we wish you all the best for safe, warm and happy festivities and we hope you get to spend time with those you love.  Happy New Year and we shall see you all soon!

Mat and the team x

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