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Keeping kids hydrated and happy at events

Most people will be happy to have kids attending their party or wedding; occasionally we provide a mobile bar where the guest list is adults only, but more often that not, it’s all ages welcome. Providing drinks for children can be a bit of a minefield, especially if it’s a big event and the kids are liable to make some new friends and disappear off at the first opportunity they can get. How do you keep your kids hydrated and happy, rather than fractious and pestering you every two minutes for a drink?

At Neptune Mobile Bar Hire Co., we like to think of small people not only as guests, but potential customers of the future! Therefore we are introducing some new measures to keep the kids happy, which in turn means that parents can relax that little bit more, knowing that their offspring are catered for too. Here’s what we’re doing:

‘Children only’ bars

We have decided that children should be treated like small adults and have their own bar where they can get their drinks. This bar will be of a lower height and will be clearly marked as a kids’ bar, whilst also being attractive enough to a small person’s eye to keep them interested. We hope that this will be a winner with both parents and children alike; it gives parents peace of mind that their kids can freely get something to drink without having to worry that they’re staying hydrated. It also makes the kids feel grown up as they can come and get their own drinks (of course, parents are still more than welcome to accompany their little ones to the bar). We’re pretty sure that once they know it’s there, their parents needn’t worry about them getting up to mischief elsewhere!

Free drinks for children

Neptune is very proud to announce that we are introducing a policy of providing free drinks for children aged 15 and under. All they have to do is come to the kids’ bar and ask for a drink. Simple!

Staying healthy

Now, we know that parents are reading this and thinking, ‘This is a disaster of an idea – how will I be able to handle my children after they’ve been drinking unhealthy, sugary drinks all night?’. As parents, the last thing we would want to do is give fizzy drinks to young people for the duration of an event. Nobody wants to see children zooming around an event, jacked up the eyeballs on a Coca-Cola induced sugar-high. That’s why we have taken the decision to limit the drinks that we serve at the kids’ bar to healthy options only. Your little darlings will only be able to ask for water or other healthier options such as reduced sugar Fruit Shoots. You’re welcome!

Avoiding giving the kids money

A lot of people don’t carry cash these days, not just for COVID-related reasons, but because it’s not convenient for them to take money out of a bank. We can’t remember the last time we used actual cash! Anyone who has ever attended a wedding or event will know what a pain it is having to find cash to give to kids so that they can get a drink if you’re not going to the bar yourself. Hopefully this will avoid the need to do that. Of course, any post-15 year old children will still need Mum or Dad to purchase their drinks for them at the normal bar, but Neptune takes all major payment cards!

We hope that parents and event organisers alike will find this an innovative and important addition to the Neptune Bar Hire Co.’s offering – we think that it will make life easier, as well as more fun for the children. We were all kids once and they deserve to have a good night too!

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