Five reasons to hire a mobile bar

An event can mean different things to different people, and Neptune Bars doesn’t just cater for weddings and birthdays.  We’re also there for christenings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduation parties and even wakes.  If an occasion is important to you, it matters to us, so whatever your event, you’re guaranteed a first-class level of service.

Whether you’re choosing to stage your event in the grounds of a stately home, in a field fit for a DIY festival, or even in your own back garden, a mobile bar can be a sound choice for a myriad of reasons.  Here are our top five:

1. Freedom to match your theme. Whether you are hiring equipment only or a fully staffed and stocked bar, you have the freedom to dress your bar to match your theme.  If you’re going for an eighties party vibe, we have LED lit bars to complement.  If you want to hang multi-coloured rose garlands around the front of the bar, you’re more than welcome.  You’re in charge of your decorations.

2. Opportunity to choose your bar. Don’t want the hassle of serving drinks yourself? No problem, we can provide staff to help.  Happy to let people help themselves?  Take the dry hire option.  Need an outside bar and an indoor bar?  Absolutely no issue – you can hire a combination of bars to suit your needs.  Flexibility is key and we are happy to work with you to realise your vision.

3. Banish uncertainty about quantities and variety of drinks. If you’re not sure how much wine to order, or which drinks to offer, we will take the worry away from you.  Just tell us the type of event, how it will run and the number of people attending and we will help you to work out what you will need.  Our bars are exceedingly well stocked with a great variety of drinks, and we can cater to specialist tastes also.  You won’t have to worry about having to send someone down to the local corner shop or supermarket because we’ll always ensure that we have more than enough stock to keep you going.

4. Budget certainty.  There are no hidden costs with Neptune Bars.  You tell us what you want and we deliver.  If you’re on a limited budget, we don’t want you to be worrying about money on the day of your event; we can offer a pre-paid bar, a token system or other options to make sure that you don’t overspend.  If you’re more relaxed about the budget, we can offer an open bar or run a tab.  We don’t operate a minimum spend policy, either, so you have complete control.

5. Professionalism and peace of mind.  We know that organising and running an event can be a stressful time.  When you engage Neptune Bars to support your special occasion, you can relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that there are many years of experience behind the brand.  We care about making your event go smoothly; that’s why our staff are all handpicked professionals, and our equipment is top of the range -  meticulously cleaned and regularly serviced.  We  take the time to understand your needs and how we can best meet them, and we are always happy to accommodate special requests (within reason!).  We treat our customers’ events as if they were our own, and that’s what you’re getting when you hire Neptune Bars – a bespoke, personal and reasonably priced service.

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